Hi! I'm WantedDOA85


Hello everyone. My name is Alex (PSN: WantedDOA85). I live in Miami, Florida and have been an avid gamer as far as I can remember, which is probably around the NES days lol. More recently, I had stopped gaming so much to focus on work, which lasted a good 2 years, but I couldn’t stay away for too long. I bought a ps4 about a month ago with Destiny and am now happily addicted to gaming once more. So if you play Destiny, let’s get some Fireteams going and conquer all the game has to offer :wink: . Currently a Level 31 Warlock. Let’s do this!


Welcome aboard!


Welcome, Alex. A thread just popped up yesterday for this weekend’s events. You might find some people willing to group with you in there.

Then there was this thread from earlier in the week with people trying to group up for Nightfalls and PvP.

Are there any other PS4 games you play?


Not currently, although I own Watch Dogs and COD: Advanced Warfare and The Last of Us: Remastered. I just haven’t opened them up since I got Destiny in my hands. As I mentioned before, I’m very happily addicted lol.


Hi Alex welcome to Strats! Glad to have you.


Welcome to Strats! I’m the Destiny leader and we getting pumped for the DLC. Check out our introduction page about the clan and add me on PSN, I’m Dynamible.


Hey Alex! Welcome to Strats…if you need anything please feel free to ask :smile:


Welcome to strats! :slight_smile:


Welcome to the Dark side Brother, what part of Miami are you from? I grew up in Miami, living in VA now though.


Welcome to the family @WantedDOA85, hope you have fun =^-^=


Welcome to the party! By the by, when you find yourself want for something new, you owe it to yourself to play TLoU:Re; that game is absolutely amazing. The single player has a great story and the pvp is one of my favorites of all time. Hit us up if you have any questions or issues :wink:


I’ve said it once, TLoU:Re is why video games should be considered art. Like theater or polygons.


Yea TLoU is next, if I can put away Destiny lol. And DrizztDo_Urden69 I live close to Coral Gables right now, but I’ve been all over Miami




Hi, @WantedDOA85! :smile: Welcome to Strats, Alex!

Don’t forget to link up with @blinkbrac, he loves him some Destiny~

(I’m always tagging B in Destiny related stuff because he plays that game often!)


Welcome to Strats! :smile:


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