Hi my name is Majordomo!


Hi all my name is Majordomo! I have been with strats since its inception were i was daily pushing @Vocino to defect from the then Reddit guild in ESO and form his own so i can humbly offer my sword in service! In game you will always find me going by Majordomo (except in PSN were i go by the name Korzom65).

I am Greek-American (born and raised in Greece) and currently reside down south in Louisiana. I have a BA in international Relations and an MA in Terrorism, Organised Crime and Global Security. I am currently manager for a retail store while i am studying for my EMT certification and hopefully i will go Paramedic soon after that.

I like all types of games but the ones that i enjoy the most are those i can play with my brahs from strats. If you find me online hit me up and i will talk you to death on mumble :smiley:


Nice to meet you Domo, Are you a Greek god like John Stamos? Is your last name Katsopolis?


Little different but close:D


Welcome home!


It’s so nice to find another of Greek heritage in this group!


Are you Domo and John Stamos all brothers?


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