Hi My Names Lane Nice To Meet You


Hi my names lane im 15 turning 16 march 29 this year i like to play minecraft but i guess every dose i am in 9th grade i like war games like arma 2 and war thunder also world of tanks


Welcome to Strats! :smile:


Hi, @LaneMB99! Welcome to Strats!


Welcome to the community


Welcome the the best little corner on the Internet!


Welcome aboard! You should be whitelisted at this point; let us know if you have any questions and hopefully we’ll see you at this week’s Minecraft event :wink:


Welcome, nice to have you


Welcome to Strats Lane!




Welcome to Strats, Lane!


I feel like there is some kind of joke we could make, like “Welcome to Strats Lane at the corner of Awesome Street and Fun Road” but I honestly cannot come up with one. Shoot… I’m disappointed


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