Hi, Pragma here for the community


Hello, I’ve been playing archeage ever since release, but there is a limit to what a solo player can accomplish. I haven’t played many fantasy style mmorpg, mostly just Guild Wars 2 and Darkfall. Personally, I consider myself a casual gamer. I’m usually active during weekends.
Looking forward to killing some world bosses in archeage. :monkey:

handle: Pragma


Hey there. @Zymora is our fearless ArcheAge guild leader. She will get you settled in.

Great to have your aboard!


Good to have you aboard. Make sure you visit the introduction page


You mean where he posted this?


Welcome! Nice Monkey!


Hi Pragma, Welcome to Strats!


Welcome to Strats @Pragma so havppy to have you with us… if you need anything just ask.


@Pragma welcome :slight_smile:


welcome my friend!


I believe he meant the ArcheAge Guild intro page.


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