Hi sirpunchface here!


Hi all I’m Ryan. Currently I play CS:GO, GTA5, DOTA 2, Rust and many other games when I’m just feeling board. I also enjoy the card game magic the gathering.

I found this group from my buddy Warwardson so if he gets a referral bonus or you just tell him a baller I think that would suffice. I will probably be getting ESO soon to him as I’m quite bored with what I’m playing.

I plan to meet some people of this community and meet more people to interact and play games with!

I really enjoy competitive play on everything so I would love to try out for teams. I was plat 1 in league of legends before I quit and I was searching for a team but could never make one as they always seem to disband.



Welcome to the family @sirpunchfac, hope you have fun =^-^=

#Praise sirpunchface


I dunno when, but there are often GTA5 nights where people of #TeamStrats play together doing different stuff.


I think @DrizztDo_Urden69 is big on LoL as well. But the hot MOBA for Strats atm is HotS


I tried HotS not really a fan. Maybe I can get back into league and look to construct a team within the community. Probably not.


Welcome to Strats, Ryan! @sirpunchface do you play on console or PC?

Cause I play GTAV for the PS4 + I’m always looking to link up for survival missions on Saturdays.

(That’s when I go online.)


Hi @simplyundrea I play on the PC. I do appreciate the offer.


I like the initiative. Get to know the community, I’m sure you will not find it lacking. Each one of our Guilds, Clans and Chapters comes from the effort and energy of someone in the community willing to step up. You could be the next one…


Paging @dontcallmejames. Here is another GTAV on PC.


We shall see. Also about that mumble certificate I screwed up. Lol. Fix?


FTFY :wink:


Welcome to the fam @sirpunchface! I’m sure you’ll find tons of people to play with here. We like to hop from game to game, so there’s usually something for everyone!


welcome @sirpunchface! i also play GTAV on the pc, so we’ll have to get together and cause some mayhem. i have a 3 day weekend coming up, so i may be getting some good gaming in.


Sounds good man. I can’t do many heist as I’m trying to do them in order atm.


One of us


Welcome to Strats! :smiley:


You will play ESO only! And you will like it!


Wayward g2a won’t process my paypal. I’m so pissed.


Hello there… Sir. Punch Face, Esq. Cheers!


Welcome to the Dark side @sirpunchface as @wayward mentioned, i play LoL quite a lot. I don’t currently have the time to set up a team, so haven’t yet but there are many in the community that play and i always enjoy playing with others :slight_smile: