Hi team! SailorV89


My name is Maria and I have been playing Destiny PS4 for about three weeks. This is my first PS console :slight_smile: I had a Wii before it and it’s really different. I was looking for people (teammates) that enjoy the game as much as me and can work as a team. I have other games, but I haven’t open them yet :sweat_smile:


I forgot to mention I live in Miami, Florida and Currently Level 32 Warlock and 15 Titan which I started developing 3 days ago :smile:


Welcome Maria. Glad to have a new face around. I remember when I first made the break from Nintendo (was a pure Nintendo guy up to the N64) over to Sony and I haven’t looked back yet. It’s a great console, and I’m sure you’ll find much to love about it.


Hey Sailor, it’s ohnokenzilla, we’ve been playing some with Wanted. Glad you could join us!


Hello! N welcome!
Feel free to add me on Psn: CouzinTony
We could go shoot things in the face :stuck_out_tongue: lolz


Hey ohnokenzilla, yes I remember :smile: Glad to be here


Will do thanks!


Hey there, I was born in Miami. Key Biscayne to be exact. I live in San Francisco now but I still go down to Miami to visit family now and then.


Welcome to Strats.co, Maria! So awesome to see our Destiny group continue to grow. You will find some amazing new friends to play with! Welcome aboard! :smiley:


Welcome aboard! Destiny is what brought me to this great group last year :smile:
I no longer play it but love jumping in other games with these folks.


Welcome to the Dark side sister :slight_smile: What part of Miami do you live in? that’s where I’m from lol.


Welcome to Strats!! glad to have you here…if you need anything please feel free to ask :smile:


Welcome to the party! You’re not the only one around here who started up fairly-recently in Destiny, so I’m sure you’ll find some fellow newer players as well as seasoned veterans running around. Let us know if you run into any issues or have any questions :wink:


Hahaha thanks sooo now that you mention it… Where do you post or what do you do when looking for teammates to play? :smile: @Auth

I’m in sweet water @DrizztDo_Urden69


Oh ok nice, I grew up in Miami Lakes and Hialeah.


The simplest method is to make an LFG post about what you’re wanting to do when. It’s also a good idea to include your PSN username in it so people who play Destiny (as an example) can add you to their friends list regardless of whether or not they’re available to join you on the specific outing you’re making the LFG for; Including your PSN in your intro post usually nets you a handful of friend requests as well :wink:




Welcome to the family @Maria_J_M, hope yuo have fun =^-^=

#Praise Maria_J_M


Welcome to Strats @Maria_J_M! I’m on PS4 Destiny as well, feel free to send a friend request :smile:

I also believe @blinkbrac is streaming Destiny later on at 9pm EST so if you want to hop in you’re more than welcome.

Oh and hooray for making a Titan. Punching things is fun.


Welcome to Strats! We have been jumping back into Destiny lately. I know @blinkbrac is getting together a group at 9:00 EST.