Hiya I'm Draqyn

Hi I’m Draqyn. It’s my gamer tag and my psn account. I’ve played games since I was little and still play pretty much all weekend and a few hours everyday after work during the week. I’m practically always on the One but lately I’m more active on ffxiv (Balmulg realm).

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Welcome aboard :wink:


Does that mean Xbox One?

Yes sorry. I did mean the xbox one.

Welcome! Are you playing Destiny!?

Welcome to the Dark side brother.

I have destiny on both ps4 and Xbox one however neither are that high a level.

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If you plan on playing with most of us, I would probably lean towards PS4.

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Great to have as part of the gang.

You know I played a bit of FFXIV, do you have an active guild on Balmung? I’m currently on Excalibur but would transfer just to play with someone, all my friends quit. Also welcome to Strats!

You guys should start a FFXIV Strats guild! :smile:


Haven’t played in awhile but I could get back into it a lil maybe

I’m part of a guild in ffxiv but it’s not that active. Really only got one friend on it.

You could potentially have over 1,000 friends in it. Make a post and sell us! :smile:

Welcome! c:

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