Hiya! I'm SloanTheSloth


Hi! My name is Sloan, or SloanTheSloth. I’m 18, live in the US (East Coast), and just recently built my gaming pc so I’m really just starting to play things.

Right now I’m playing ESO, HotS, league (I’m terrible at it), starting hearthstone, and then whatever else my friends throw at me. I’m thinking of starting to play FFXIV, but I’m about to get a second job, so I’m going ot wait and see what my schedule is like before getting into another MMO.

I’m thinking about starting to stream, but I don’t really know if watching an 18yr old girl play games poorly would be interesting to anyone. I already downloaded everything I need, I guess I’ll just try it out sometime and see how it goes.

I’m on my computer basically all day, and my name for everything is usually SloanTheSloth, so hit me up anywhere :smile:


Welcome aboard!


Welcome to Strats!


Welcome Sloan to Strats! There are plenty of people who are in to streaming so if you have any questions we have some regular streamers that would be happy help you! We also have plenty of guides floating around to get you started.

Are you exclusively PC or do you dabble in consoles too?


Almost forgot! I have a PS4 as well, and I play destiny and battlefield hardline on that. I haven’t been playing much on it lately since I built my PC, but I’ll be jumping back on for the new destiny expansion, and when witcher 3 comes out, I’ll be playing that on PS4.





Another PS4 gamer joins the ranks. We also have a Destiny group preparing for the new expansion, watch for those threads.


ZOMG Welcome


Good to have you here!


Welcome to the Dark side sister :slight_smile: If you have any questions about streaming don’t be afraid to ask, we’re happy to help. If you wanna play some League hit me up!


Welcome aboard; let us know if you have any issues or questions :wink:

Regarding starting a stream:

Yeah, there’s a market for that on Twitch; @simplyundrea could probably help you get your chat rules and setting in a good place to avoid any excessive trolling, etc. as she’s one of our more popular streamers and things are always civil when I swing by.

We’ve got a few guides posted to help you get your chat bot and OBS setup in the Strats TV category as well, and #teamstrats is really good about helping one another out getting set up and such; feel free to post any questions you have there and I’m sure someone will assist you :wink:


I’m seeing alot about OBS. I downloaded XSplit. Is OBS the preferred software?


Most of us use OBS, it’s a lil confusing to start but you can get the hang of it quickly :slight_smile:


I have only ever used OBS so take that for what it is worth. When I was researching what software to use OBS seemed like the obvious choice with the options and functionality I was looking for. A side bonus is that there are quite a few of us here that are pretty smart on it.


Then looks like I’m switching :stuck_out_tongue: I downloaded xsplit because it was the first thing on Twitch’s site. But it looks like I could get alot more help with OBS here.


OBS does a lot more and doesn’t cost money; there are tons more customization options compared to XSplit, IIRC.


I prefer OBS to Xsplit these days. It has come a very long way in the last year or so.


Welcome to Strats!


Welcome to Strats SloanTheSloth, hope you have fun =^_^=


Welcome to Strats, Sloan! :blush:

If you need any help/have any questions, I’d be more than happy to help in whatever way I can.