Hole through the nether ceiling



As you might know the nether ceiling is made out of bed rock which is nit breakable by any tool. To bypass that, head to the top of the nether. Make sure you have at least 8 enderperal. Find a nice corner, then spam enderperals until you are on top. Now you will need to have 4 dirt and and atleast 12 dark oak saplings. Plant your sapling one block above the bedrock and keep planting and bonemealung until the leafs grow down. The bedrock will be replaced by leafs and there you have you hole through the nether ceiling. This is not a hack, it is a known in game machanic that has been there since mincraft 1.6.4. Mojang already knows about this. This is not cheating, many popular minecraft servers use it, like the Mindcrackers. This method is used to make efficient gold farms on to of the nether. Leave a like for more tips and tricks in minecraft.