Home Automation stuffs


I may be moving into a house that we are going to kind of rent-to-own from my parents soon and I’ve always wanted to get into home automation. I’ve kind of tinkered with some Arduino projects here and there but nothing crazy so there’s going to be alot of learning happening. I just backed a project for a “pocket computer” (don’t really know how else to put it) that’s going to end up as the controller PC for all the sensors and such. I’m curious if there is anyone else that has done any work in home automation as a hobby with open source hardware/software.

Here is the board I backed on Kickstarter

The software I’ll probably use to control all the stuffs so I can work it from my phone or small touchscreens around the house

A general idea of how I’m probably going to implement it (with less wirelessness…ness. More wireful)

Anyone else interested in this kind of thing?


absolutely i’m interested in this stuff. I’ve been messing with raspberry pi and arduino for a bit. i’ve looked into this pine64 too. what’s great about these cheap microcomputers is that you can afford to try them all and buy more when they get used up in projects. i plan on building some cool robotics projects with my son as he gets a little older too.


yea, my son just turned three and I feel like I have a world of geek waiting for him when he gets older.


yup, my son just turned 3 a week ago. he doesn’t even realize the nerd he’s going to become.


Woah this is cool. I just pledged $15 as I’m curious what I can do with it. I haven’t messed with the pi or Arduino before so this will be a first for me.

What are you building? What sensors?

Edit: ahhh I understand now. I knew nothing about home automation before. one quick video and I understand now. this is cool stuff. I own a harmony remote and a wemo croc pot so it looks like I was already starting with home automation without even knowing it! lol. I wanted too look into having the ability to lock my door remotely or turn my lights on/off, or start the oven.


I know right, I can’t wait to get started! I probably won’t connect anything that heats up or unlocks my door though, it’s technically secure but I don’t trust it THAT much…


After I hit submit on that post I imidiatley thought how easy it probably is for someone to hack. I’ve been reading a lot on hacking as it interests me and although it takes a good background in networking and programming, some stuff is easier than you would think to hack. I read an article where a kid was able hack people on a public wifi like panera bread in about 10 min. I’m thinking of getting another bachelors in computer security after I finish comp Sci.


that’s why most of what I want to do will be with long chords and a central LCD panel to do all the junk, I MAY attach some of the controls to an online wifi app, but probably not much