Horizon Zero Dawn - GPU based Procedural Placement in Decima Engine


Thought this was an amazing view of the game dev tools!

Maybe we can get this game for PC eventually ><


Wouldn’t hold my breath on it. Guerrilla Games never made Killzone available on any other platform.


beautiful game, as far as the tools go, I didn’t see anything new. Those tools are included in UE4, except the in-game weather change, you can get that in the marketplace or just do it yourself.


your dreams are slowing starting to come true. Horizon might be on PS Now in 2026 :joy:


PC Forgotten Race


Damn, lets hope this comes through. i got a ps4 i just dont really like playing it. If it becomes playable on PC i’m game! It looks amazing.


More like Sony legal department refusing to share their exclusives. Bloodborne is another example; I bet a lot of PC players would love to have that game.

Yay for Microsoft Play Anywhere. :poop:


I’d do unspeakable things to get Bloodborne on PC at 60fps/higher resolutions. The game is so visually busy that trying to suss out what’s going on sometimes at the choppy framerate (it struggled to keep 30fps, in my experience) and lower resolution (an upscaled 720p, IIRC) proved difficult for me.


You “technically” can play it on PC by stream from your PS4: https://remoteplay.dl.playstation.net/remoteplay/lang/en/index.html

I make no guarantees it will be want you hope except you wont have to sit in front of your TV/PS4 to enjoy.


Never would have bought this for PS4 if it hadn’t been on sale for $15, would have paid more sooner if it were on PC… I wonder how much that fact is considered when companies make decisions about exclusives that exclude PC.