Horror game recommendations


So, what horror games do you enjoy / would you like to see someone else play? I’ve gone through quite a few titles, myself, but I don’t want to run out of a good thing, ya know! So what do you all like? :smile:


I’ve always been a big fan of the Fatal Frame series. I have them all, but they scare me so much that I’ve never actually played through any of them. They terrify me.

Dead Space is a great one. I played through the first one and loved it (it was the first game I ever streamed and pushed to YouTube as a full playthrough). I’m still waiting to go through the second.

Then there’s Resident Evil and Silent Hill, but we already know you’ve got those on lock. :smile:

You could also look to some indie titles like Amnesia, which has some hilarious YouTube videos, Limbo and Home were great games, and worth a play through. They actually recommend you play Home with a set of headphones on for the ambiance. Eversion is twisted as hell, and seemed really unique. I never played that one though. Dreadout is similar to Fatal Frame.

I could go on forever.


Haha, I stream Fatal Frame 1 and 2. I plan to go back and possibly play 3, but it’s such a long game. IMO the repetition and tedium sort of takes away from the gut-twisting uncertainty for me.

Ooh, I keep forgetting that I could play Dead Space any time. I’m interested in that some design direction came from Italian, horror director Dario Argento. He’s a very atmospheric and characteristic director, so I’d like to first-hand experience what was taken from him.

Haha, so many games to add on Steam wishlist. :3



Dead Space 3 was greatttt! I had fun playing it on my PS3. That game had some awesome jump scare moments!

Daylight + P.T. are two titles that came to mind right away.

(P.T. was sooo scary. I loved every single second of it, though. Haha. I’ll never look at hallways the same …)


I’m a total wuss; I can’t even watch a video of someone playing that one :wink:


I tried it the night Destiny came out. People in the party were laughing so hard.


A favorite was Eternal Darkness. Sadly my GC seems to have developed a problem :frowning:



Oh gosh Hannah and Kim are so loud. I don’t even want to click it.


Not doing it; last time I made it as far as the character going through the hall the first time. When the hall repeated, I noped out :wink:



The baby crying in the sink was gold. (And eerie.)

On second thought, I don’t look at bathrooms the same, either …


I love Hannah, Kim is good when they are both there.


lol it’s not so bad with the two of them doing commentary.


Silent Hill 2 - 4 are good. All of the games afterwords don’t feel like you’re helpless, so they’re just action games with a couple jump scares. Haunting Ground, Rule of Rose, Clock Tower are staples but all seem to have acting that detracts from the feel. There were two PC games, Missing Since January and Evidence: The Last Ritual that were ARG horror games, but those are pretty much unplayable now that the supporting websites are gone.


I actually streamed that game some months ago to completion!!! I love ED. Such a shame that Silicon Knights is defunct and also that none of the developers were able to get that spiritual successor going. :frowning:


4 is one of the few SH games I haven’t touched, ever. Most of the classics you’ve named, I’ve done. Those are necessity to any hardcore horror fan. Oh my, that ps2 era though! I’ve streamed HG and Clock Tower 3. :slight_smile: Rule of Rose might be a bit on the inappropriate side. I don’t even know if I wanna get into that with viewers, but I have beat it.

Sad to hear those games aren’t available. Speaking of PC horror games, I’d like to add Chzo Mythos for anyone who haven’t heard of them. Amazing freeware, horror games of the non-junky variety by Yahtzee (Zero Punctuation reviewer at The Escapist).


SH 4 is one where I had to stop playing and make my wife come sit in the room with me. I attempted replaying it a few months ago, since I replayed most of the other SH games and I couldn’t do it. The wall in your apartment freaks me out.

I haven’t played Yahtzee games since Trilby. He had good game concepts, but he needed to find a couple people to help him with other areas so the games didn’t all look and feel the same.


Nintendo keeps reupping the property, I think they might be hoping to find a team to do it.


Or Dyack seems to have it and be working on a sequel: http://www.que-ee.com/ign-denis-dyack-announces-new-entertainment-company/


He seems to always be trying to boot up a sequel. More power to him for keeping with it. His persistence has my attention!