Horses and Teleporting

Does anyone know if you can use a region post while mounted on a horse? And if so, will the horse port with you?

You can use it while mounted, but the horse will remain behind :frowning:

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Horrors!!! I’m having such difficulty getting a horse home. I didn’t know about leads until I killed my poor horse. Almost lost my diamond horse armor.

but if the horse is so inclined he can use it first and leave you behind!!! lol…sorry couldnt resist :smile:

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I put diamond armor on it. It better not go anywhere without me, LOL

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Did anyone else find a house with diamond armor? Or was it just me.


I found mine in a chest in an abandoned mine. I have since found 2 gold and 2 iron armor as well.

And on the topic of transporting horses; is there a way to transport more than one at a time?

We tested that together :frowning: that was a sad night.

You can use leads on as many animals at once as you want