Hosting for other Strats teammates!


So there are obviously times I’ll have to go to work (ugh) and not be able to stream. I figured if that’s the case, the least I can do is host other Strats members who are streaming in the hopes that it may boost views and help you achieve a couple more followers.

So yeah! I’ll try making hosting a sure thing whenever I’m away from the computer and not having any chances of streaming. Hope it helps you guys out!


I would be glad to stream for your channel! Is there any games in particular I have to stream or is it anything?


What @AlexFalkor is referring to is actually hosting another streamer on your personal channel when you are away. That way, when your regular viewers come to your channel they will actually see AlexFalkor’s stream rather than your offline page.

This helps to promote fellow streamers and allows your audience to see people they might not normally see. They might like the person you are hosting and choose to follow them as well. If Alex (or anyone who chooses to host you) hosts you, you keep doing what you are doing. You will receive a message that X is now hosting you on their channel and that’s it!


Pretty much what Ninjaneer said. You don’t have to play any games in particular =). I will be looking for people with low viewers or followers, in the hope that I can help give you a better kickstart for your streaming session :slight_smile:


So on my first friday on Strats I was able to Host up to 5 people ^_^. Saturday will be another day i’ll be hosting as much as possible.


This is a good thing you are doing.


Doin the RNGesus’ work, friend.


Day 2 ~ I think I hosted around 4 people today (Sadly couldn’t do more cause I had to go to work). Keep up the good work!