Hosting Solutions

Looking to experiment with some ideas.

Hosting for dedicated games has always been a pain in the ass within the community, we have hamachi and other tools that require us to bend over backwards to accomplish menial solutions.

I am looking to find a host for a project, I don’t know how far this will take but my goal is to automate dedicated servers for within the community (and as out-reach).

My initial goal is to seek out hosting solutions that will function for a wide set of multi-player games:

7-days to die
The Forest

If anyone knows of a hosting solution that would be affordable and accommodate things like being a windows server environment, let me know.

I would love you forever if you made a Strats 7DTD server. Unfortunately networking is my Achilles heel.

That is kinda the thought, lol I wanna be able to make most servers happen but one of the major bottlenecks for most game servers is the hardware requirement.

For MC we were using a 5120 Ram server and about 1/2 to 1/3rd of that was actually being used.

From what I’m reading, 7d2d would require about 4gb as the server software is very “new”? I dunno, it seems very off that it consumes 1gb per user right now but that is what people are reporting on the forums.

So between those 2 servers you are looking at around 6-8gb of ram usage.

6-8 gb of ram would be about 80 dollars a month, which I don’t think the community would be up for handling.

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Is it common to be able to rent rack-space?

I’m thinking about the cost of that, it likely isn’t viable but I think it would be a little better in the long run if possible…

It’s possible something like this might be an option rather than having a single server that we manage and allocate resources on; I’m under the assumption we could have various games under a single account.


They also do dedicated servers with a lot more RAM and transfer data than the digitalocean company @Vocino linked which would allow a flat monthly fee to setup and run whatever games we wanted to.

I think in some fashion we are putting the cart before the horse. In my mind we should rally some interest in a game and then find a solution. Even using a server for $1 a month is a bad deal with no ROI.

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i got 7d2d but the servers are shit. we need our own!

We could make our own dedicated servers for the long term, or spend a couple $50-100 (depending on number of servers) a month on hosting. I’m not sure what some of the companies are charging, but I’m basing this estimate on this. The major concern I have is that if we host dedicated servers how many people would we need using them to justify the cost? A possibility is that we have 1-3 servers that can be changed to host any game that happens to be popular at the moment. The biggest factor I think we will have is the cost per amount of happiness generated by hosting a server. If we decided to let the public join the server we could draw more people into the forums, if the server was moderately successful.

Questions needing answers:
How much are we willing to spend/request in the form of donations?
How many people would benefit from said servers?
Would the servers be public, or our private use?
How much would Strats benefit from server hosting?
Can we find people to successfully manage the servers, if we go public, for example admins, mods, and server staff?

Well, thats my $.02 about server hosting. :smile:

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Okay thanks, checking it out.

To everyone else . . .

I think you all are putting the cart WAY before the horse.

I am doing research on an idea for more a personal project that may eventually be shared on a community level.

Sure it would be cool for this all to gloriously pan out but I am expecting this:

to ultimately spend about a month of my time doing dick all, watching porn and reading tech information related to the topic and then ultimately abandoning it.

So by all means, I don’t mind if someone with more understanding takes this and pushes it using their own money but don’t expect a payoff, I certainly don’t.