Hotline Miami 2 is Here



@Nubhugs I’m sorry brother but i’m playing it without you. For the rest of y’all if you’ve played the first one, just wanted to let you know the 2nd one has arrived! and i will be raging through it in about an hour at 1:30 EST.


I’m excited to get my hands on this game. Ugh so many games backlogged!


I know man me too, but luckily my ps4 is currently out of commission, when i get it back, oh lord so much to do… so much…


Lol, that’s not lucky at all. That’s terrible news.


haha it’s nothing bad, so i’m not worried bout it.


i know how to fix it… just havent yet, need a part first.


What’s wrong with it?


The hdmi port got broke by my drunken friend…


Well that sucks, lol. Never looked into it, hope it’s a quick fix.


lol it’s not too bad.