HotS Common Sense Tips



Here is a good list of Common Sense Tips that aren’t Commonly Heeded for Heroes players.

Number 15 is huge:

Show up to objectives even if you are in the middle of mercs. That
knight camp or ogre camp isn’t going to do much against a dragon
knight, garden terror, cannon barrage, etc. Especially if it results in
a lost team fight. Seriously, LEAVE THE FRICKEN MERCS AND COME HELP!

Another great one is in comments:

My only addition. If someone pings Retreat. Fucking Retreat. They
usually have a good reason for doing so. Many times they see something
you do not. And when you do retreat. If a tank or someone with high
health or CC tries to slow the advancing team from catching up to
stragglers this DOES NOT mean engage again. B home when safe and top off
your mana and health.

–and some of its follow up comments on retreating: If a healer throws a shield/heal on you when retreating, it isn’t a sign to re-engage. And that tank/CCer that goes back to slow usually has the health or an escape ready or else are willing to sacrifice to save some DPS and/or Support.


i was just going to post this!

yeah number 15 is the one i’m always screaming about when i’m playing.


Hey thanks man for these advice, I’ve been struggling to get a hold of the game at the moment but it’s very very fun to play :smile: I agree with the pinging, whenever I do it nobody listens -_-


I need these on my wall. Practice with people who communicate has a lot to do with it.

I think in my early moba days I picked up bad habits because the reward of doing the right thing wasn’t there. Playing with random people who also have no idea what they’re doing means everyone is just kind of doing their own thing.

Being in groups with @dontcallmejames, @Wayward, @ghosthog etc has helped so much already.


These are good tips. I particularly like #6 - Sometimes it could be beneficial to get all merc camps while the enemy collects skulls. That could potentially be a 2-lane push for you while you only have to focus on their uber golem. It could work.

Tips #10 and 18 are good as well. I’ve previously posted about team composition.

Tip #17 is also one I like. I had a game earlier this week where the enemy got our core down to 6% but we pushed them away and were able to hold out for a few minutes. We destroyed their core from 100%. Comebacks happen.


OMG YES! Listen to this people, pure wisdom.


We need to setup a team and practise!


How can I join your band of merry bandits?


Follow these steps:

  1. Be on Mumble


Loved that post, and was looking forward to sharing it here as well.

That entire post uses the word minimap once… specifically related to pings. It is such an underutilized resource that literally tells you where your opponent is. Not to mention the death timer at the top… if your opponent has 4 people down then you can push with no regard for safety. Just remember to leave when the death timer reaches 5 seconds…

Tip #69: Look at your minimap every 5-10 seconds. You don’t need to watch your hero kill creeps.
Tip #70: If you’re in a dangerous position (pushing alone / turning in dubloons alone / etc), then literally stare at the minimap.