HotS Hero Rotation 6/2 - 6/9



Free Hero Rotation in Heroes of the Storm

Li Li
Azmodan (Available after you reach player level 12)
Tassadar (Available after you reach player level 15)

I didnt see this up here so i thought id post it…


Been playing support while I learn the ropes. Li Li has been awesome (and adorable) to play as full support. Will check out the others this week.


I’ve been really wanting to try out Diablo.


@W1thl0v3 you should try out tassadar if you like supports I bought him after I tried him… Lolz

@Vocino yea me too. He’s so tanky…


Lili is a pretty solid support and really good for people new to the game since her q is automatic and her passive lets her escape.


First time I played I was chillin in the middle of the bottom lane and got suplexed by Diablo onto their side and cornered into their towers. I hate Diablo.


I prefer ETC over Diablo. ETC has more utility. But Diablo has the potential for more damage if played correctly (knocking people into terrain for extra damage+stun).


Diablo used to be the tankiest of the tanks, prior to a patch or 2 ago. It was a pure health build, where he would just seem to keep accumulating hit points.

I agree with @teh_ninjaneer that ETC is probably a better tank at this point, at least since last nerf.

After playing the new hero Johanna a bit last night, I think there’s a new tank king (or queen) on the block at least for now.


I finally got my first game of Johanna this morning. For pure staying power I think she’s the top warrior right now. Her and ETC are my top two.


ETC’s stun is a game changer…