[HotS] Hero Rotation 6/9 - 6/15



It’s the second week of the Heroes of the Storm release and Strats is taking over the whole show! The free rotation is a great way to discover which heroes you want to spend your gold on. Remember to get at least two of each role so you have a variety once you’re in Hero League!

You get five free heroes when you start and unlock two more at levels 12 and 15. This week we have:

  • Muradin (Warrior)
  • Tyrael (Warrior)
  • Rehgar (Support)
  • Jaina (Assassin)
  • Raynor (Assassin)
  • Uther (Support - Level 12 Unlock)
  • Sylvanas (Assassin - Level 15 Unlock)

What are you guys looking forward to this week in HotS?


When you start getting used to heroes and then they go and switch them on you :confused:


that’s how they get you to spend money!

gohan, since you’re just joining us…here’s a tip that’s been discussed before: when you’re playing the free heroes each week, try to get them all to level 5 before the week is out. You will be rewarded with 500 in game gold for each hero leveled to 5. it’s really the quickest way, other than the quests, to earn gold for future hero purchases.


I’m looking forward to Tyrael and Uther who I haven’t tried much yet.


Tyrael, Jaina, and Sylvanas! Especially after playing against them with you all last night(which was so fun!) I definitely need to try these guys out.


It’s worked on me lol. I have been playing since the early alpha and the only hero I don’t have unlocked with skins so far is the 3 vikings and to be honest I don’t think I will ever own them lol.


Jaina all the way


Agreed Jaina is my go to hero currently my only level 10+ with Valla and Nazeebo short behind.


Ok I’ve downloaded this game and will give it a try, would anybody be willing to school me on how to play later in the week? Won’t be home tonight unfortunately.


Just bought Uther the other day. He’s quite good


Played Tyrael earlier today had an undefeated game with @W1thl0v3