HotS Mount w new FB app



Get a mechospider mount by using their new FB app:


Is this legit?


Yeah they announced on their launch stream thing. But its laggy as all hell right now. Must be a lot of people trying to do it.


Yep, just did myself. Re-logged and was in my mount selection


I’m trying to navigate their website and it’s terrible. is rough as well.


Yea, i’m assuming they’re getting nailed big time as live-event is still on.


Ahhh, no wonder my isn’t updating properly. It all makes sense now


Just wanted to bump this. I’m pretty sure it’s still going and there shouldn’t be as many problems with it lagging out now that they aren’t being bombarded with people trying to get the mount.

Just a heads up for people that weren’t able to get it before.


Thanks for the bump, I hadn’t done this.

How do you unlock the other skins for that mount? It just says “level up heroes” with no specifics.


Each hero unlocks the mount skin colors at certain levels like 6 and 8 or something like that