House of Wolves and Strats




I really hope so because it’s almost time. The new expansion will be released on May 19th. That means we have some time to prepare and work the rust out. I know like many of you I took a break from Destiny, but with the new content I’m excited to come back.

Never Played Destiny Before

Well, then welcome to the subsection of the Strats forums that is all about Destiny. Some of the newcomers might not have seen it. We have a large Destiny clan, which brought many of our members here (@DrizztDo_Urden69, @spredhed, and many others). We currently have 223 members and you can join too at our page. We mostly focus on end game PVE, such as raid and Nightfalls, but do a bit of everything.

It’s not to late to buy the game still. They have made much easier to get to the top levels a raid. There is a lot of fun to be had and I hope to see some new faces when we are storming into the new DLC.

Haven’t played in a while?

Well first off, me either. If you would like to jump back into this great game, join us. Many of us are starting to play the game to get ready for HOW and we would love you to join us. We will be doing raids and Nightfalls. Who knows you might get the Gjallahorn that you always cried about not having. Once you get that you can die happy in the new DLC, over and over again.

A reminder of the emotion roller coast called RNGesus

You know you want to come back and live this again :wink:


@Dynamible you have a typo. I think you meant “excited” not “exited”


Lol thank you. Just think I had an internship doing transcription for NPR.


The release date is May 19th?


Did I mess up anything else?


I haven’t played since it first released… I may have to get back I to it leading up to this DLC


Just picked it up on my 360 and played the ten minutes I could focus on it. Enjoying it, probably wont make a real effort until im back to work.


Just watched the Gjally vid up top. Lots of laughs! But seriously, I still don’t have one.