House of Wolves Official Hype Thread



It’s time to get prepared for a new adventure. Many things wait ahead for you Guardian. I’m here to show you what this new adventure holds and help you get linked up with the team your going to need.

New Ways to Gear Up

The reef is now open to Guardians. Inside you will find much you need, such as new bounties, new NPCs, and new gear. This area will be similar to the Tower, giving Guardians a refuge from the horrors we endure elsewhere. The gear that you have now can be upgraded. No more will every Guardian wear the most current raid gear to achieve the level cap. This will be huge game changer and allow us to mix and match our gear. Create your own look and a perk set up that works for YOU. The max light level has been increased. This means that you will be able to get to level 34 to take on the new content. Like the last DLC we assume the new content will have end game armor and a middle step to get you started.

New Content

There will be new story missions (yeah, yeah, Destiny does have a story) to let us explore the new land. The story will take place inside the Reef. Come with us to conquer this new content day one. A new strike will be added called The Thieves’ Den.

This Fallen hideout, located in the calderas of Venus, has been cleared for Crucible combat. The hideout itself remains intact, complete with an idling Skiff and constant reminders of the Fallen’s presence, providing Guardians with a vital training ground. 

Thieves’ Den is a fairly large symmetrical map with precarious drops that offer alternate routes for those willing to risk the fall.

It’s here. A new multiplayer PvP mode that will put Guardians against other Guardians. The stakes are higher this time. Entry must be paid for and earned. The game mode is 3 V 3 elimination where team mates can be revived, but only by teammates. Once the other team is all dead you play another match until you reach 5 wins. Each experience puts you on your way to earn the next evolution of end game gear for Destiny. (you want it, I know I do)

Warlock Example Gear


This time there will be NO RAID. They made up for it though, believe me. This new mode will send wave after wave against you and two of your closest Guardians. On the fifth round you will fight a random (RNG YOOOO) boss. There are four maps that you will play on, so you never know what to expect. Weekly challenges that will change modifiers will make this trip one you wont forget. Buckle up Guardians, your in for a long trip.


Hell yes!


Who is ready for tomorrow?


My body is ready.


Hyped! Unfortunately won’t be on for most of tomorrow (if at all :frowning: )


Wishing I could be home slaying the Fallen right now. I’m so excited to get home tonight and check out the new content! Who all is going to be on? I’d love to fly through the new story and maybe take a stab at the Prison of Elders.


I’ll be on by 8pm CST. I need treasure keys, and the Nightfall is 32 now. Should be able to be 32 by ascending an exotic armor piece though.


I’m on my way back from work! I’m ready to kill it.


2 more hours for me so envious!


I have a four hour drive I should have mentioned that.


Sweet looks like we will get home at the same time! lol and yeah that sucks.