House of Wolves vs. The Witcher 3


Its been a week with these games, and I’m curious:

##Which one have you been playing more - Destiny: House of Wolves, or The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt?

For me, I totally thought it was going to be The Witcher, but it turns out I can’t step away from Prison of elders and doing those assassination bounties, etc.


Crap, I have to get back into Destiny. This seals it.


I’ve been glued to the Witcher, haven’t loaded up Destiny in a very long time though.


I want to play The Witcher. I sat down and played it for about 4h to start. Haven’t gone back since HoW dropped though (I had early access to The Witcher via PSN pre-order)


I don’t even have the money to buy The Witcher. Gamespot gave it a 10/10! They havent given a 10 since Bayonetta 2 last year!

So since I’m broke, I’m stuck with killing Wolves.


My only gripe with it so far is the appallingly long load times. If you mess up a fight (and you will) it is going to take awhile for your checkpoint to reload. I’m really enjoying the gameplay and story much more than either of the previous games. For some reason I could never get very far without getting frustrated.

The game looks good, good story and voice acting, and the game is damned fun to play. Not to mention the massive amount of content, I have no idea how many hours I’ve logged and I’ve barely scratched the surface.


On a scale of “Hotline Miami” to “Going to the Tower in Destiny,” how bad is it?


I haven’t had many issues with the load times, granted I haven’t really died much either. Also that said, I haven’t given much time towards the game either lol.


Assassination bounties you say?
Hmmmm. . . Very interesting.


I bought both, played Witcher thru the tutorial, but have been playing Destiny exclusively since then. I thought the movement/control in Witcher was clunky, but probably just needs getting used to it. A friend of mine is playing Witcher and loves it.


I think movement in Witcher is clunky as well as the camera at times.


I believe it’s because they give Geralt momentum, so he doesn’t stop on a dime like most games. It makes it feel a bit awkward at first. Also when looking something to select (loot, etc.) everyone tries to line Geralt up and face it, but what it is is your actual camera. You just need to aim the camera at the item.


It’s a bit like going to the tower. It’s only really annoying when I repeatedly fail a fight and have to reload a few times in a row.


Haven’t bought the Witcher, just been a Destiny fest for me.


I’ve been playing Destiny any chance I get. Unfortunately I’m trying to limit that too when I won’t be interrupted. So, I’ve playing Witcher.