How about a weekly retro games weekend night?


How do you folks here feel about reliving the gold old days with a weekly classic retro games night?

the games and the time can be decided beforehand in the thread


I’m down for this.


Starfox 64 on an emulator …or goldeneye


Lets all play monopoly or risk so that way we hate each other with a passion by the end of it :smiley:


hah, let’s try doing a thing this saturday night, just for fun.


I have THOUSANDS of games on emulator, hells yeah, I’m in.

Seriously I have a lot. NES complete catalog, SNES complete catalog, some N64, and Arcade (MAME) about 95% complete as well.


I say we should play Smash Bros. 64 against each other online. I remember @DracoIsmenium talking about it.


Hell yeah, we had some crazy drunk smash bros 64 battles in high school.


I owned with Link in that game! One can’t stop my bomb/projectile game. >:)


Ahaha, i’ll show you my captain falcon game >:)


You missed your opportunity.


Yes please! this is an amazing idea!