How addicted are you?

Here’s where I’m at as of 9/28. Been slowing down and shorting my playing time but man has this game found a place in my heart lol

What’s everyone’s addiction level looking like right now?

I have about 14 total hours… so I guess my addiction level is watered down.

Edit - Now that I finished the story and can spend time doing Strikes or Crucible for gear, maybe my hours will go up.

Im at 87h 21m

the time sink starts running at lvl 20 and it’s hard to turn off haha @teh_ninjaneer

45h 39m, less than I was expecting; I guess I’m spending more time doing responsible human things than I thought :wink:

I’m at 130 hrs but alot of that is just being logged in and idling while in meetings.

I don’t think idle time counts for that total unless you are actually in a mission, or else my total time would be much higher. I’ve spent a lot of time idle in the Tower or in orbit.

Edit - I’m also assuming this due to how the Bungie site keeps track of your individual mission time for Story, Strike, Crucible, etc.

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Across all 3 of my characters I have 3 days and 4 hours rounded down.

3 days 20 hrs

1 day 20 hours. But that’s probably all the free time I’ve had since the game came out.

56h… most of it in Crucible

109 hours. Taking a week off to play helped that haha.

That can’t be right. Maybe I leave my game running when I am not actually at my PS4. Who knows!

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