How are you organizing your PS4 folders?



Now that folders have been a thing for a while, how are you utilizing them? I thought I really wanted them but now that folders are here I can’t seem to find a system that makes things easier.


I kind of just winged it. I have a folder for FPS, And one for 3rd person shooters. I also made a folder called “Chill” for chill games like any telltale game. I also have a folder called “Backlog” and those are the games highest on my list to complete. Lastly I have a folder called “Playing” and those are the games I’m currently playing.


Never would I ever file any of Telltale’s TWD games as chill. Emotional roller coasters that tax my very being, perhaps, but not chill :wink:


Creating a workflow for trophies is a great idea.


How else am I going to get it done? Haha. I try to organize them in that folder then in the order I want to complete them.


I’ve adopted your system.


Haha. How big is that backlog? Mine is like 15 deep I think. lol.