How are you planning on spending time in game?

As the launch gets closer I thought we could get organized and try to come up with some focus groups. I know that there are some of you out there who are going to get the crucible asap to mostly PvP and some of you are looking forward to strikes and the more pve oriented side of the game. So if your interested in finding a small focus group within the community then check out this thread as it updates and post your info in this forum. When you find someone who shares your interests and play times link up and enjoy the game as a team.

Play style format (for ease of browsing)

  1. Style of play (Competitive multiplayer, Strikes, Story, Explore)

  2. Usual times of play ( eg.7 to 11pm EST)

  3. PSN username and username

  1. Competitive multiplayer, open to doing pve content as well

  2. 6 to 10 weekdays / all day weekends EST

  3. PSN: Vicodin5150 Innovate

  1. PvE storyline initially. I love pvp but I’m a relative noob when it comes to controller fps so I need practice.

  2. Evenings PST, Mornings PST on weekends

  3. v0c1n0 on PSN, Vocino on Bungie

  1. Story primarily at first, with Crucible and strikes on the side.

  2. Weekday Evenings Central time, sporadically through the weekend. I’ll probably be on most on Sundays.

  3. Aigid on PSN, Vanargand0 on

  1. Story and pve for the most part, gotta prepare for dat raid!
  2. Irregular times since I work nights and 2 weekends a month. So anytine really!
  3. Psn: Sovereign-SWE-
  1. Anything PvE especially cooperative. Occasional PvP

  2. Mostly mornings and evenings.

  3. Memento_mori94 PSN Wadewilson94 Bungie

  1. Story mode first, then PvP and PvE end game.

  2. Evenings EST

  3. Dynamible

  1. Anything really. Mostly strikes, story, and exploring/raiding, though. I usually mow through the story before moving onto the multiplayer aspects. I imagine with Destiny there will be mixing.

  2. Eastern times, mostly at night and weekends.

  3. jwilphl on both.

  1. With the team PVE, Raids, and PvP.
    Solo, I’m going to be farming and exploring.

  2. Eastern Time, primarily after 8PM till about 1A with breaks in between. Secondary, I’ll be playing sporadically everyday.
    Except on the 9th and 10th I’ll be on non-stop.

  3. SkullKontrol on both.

I’m going to run around the story for the most part. Then i’ll be doing strikes depending on who I meet that I know. Lots of PvE.

I’ll play 8p to 11p pretty much every evening. I’m really trying not to take Tuesday too seriously. But, who knows? I’ll probably cheat all day.

I’m sixoseven everywhere.

Story line and PvE for leveling and gear. BUT i suck and my skills are highly questionable~~ I need to hone those ole’ skills as i am relatively new back to the console gaming.

Mid afternoon EST until I fall asleep with my controller in hand :smiley:

Droul01 on both

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initially PvE and story for leveling and gear for sure.

all day on launch, i have the work wed-fri then off again. will be on every night gmt 8-11 tho for those days.
i also work 2 weekends a month.

colinsintrouble for both (dont worry i dont get into that much trouble)

  1. I plan on playing the storyline in the beginning. I have not played a FPS is a little while and I bought my PS4 because of this game, so I’m out of practice. With that being said, I love playing with real people in any fashion.

  2. I plan to play most nights after 8:30 pm till about 11:00 pm EST.

  3. I’m tommy2118 on Bungie and as my PSN name.

Style of play: Mostly Story to start out with and intermixed with some PvP to freshen things up, Patrols during some down time or when I’m getting really tired lol.

Usual times of play: I’m East Coast, generally will see me on during the afternoon and evenings randomly.

PSN: TheKuses Bungie Username: Kuse

  1. Like pretty much everyone else here I’m going to dive right into story and leveling, but I’ll probably end up playing the Crucible more than anything after a bit. I’d definitely love to clear the vault of glass with you guys! (Raiding party trophy here we come)

  2. Evenings from 6 PST onward , afternoons and evenings on weekends.

  3. BeebusMaximus on PSN, Beebes on Bungie.

  1. Firstly I will be exploring until I find the perfect sniper, scout rifle and epic cloak. I love the multiplayer takes me back to the fun of pvp and a nice break from the rage fueled Call of Duty days.

  2. I will be on weekdays around 6pst and all weekend. Once Shadow of Mordor comes out I will probably shift focus until I knock that out since Destiny is going to be extreme, but I’ll still be active

  3. CEvans321 on both I believe

  1. I plan on playing story and leveling. Crucible will most likely be on the back burner at first. I will definately be doing those strikes though

  2. You can find me on during the morning/after noon most days and also at night after 9pm EST and on weekends after 4pm EST.

  3. My Bungie is Sw1shaa and my PSN is Sw1shaaSweet

  1. PvE stuff mostly, though I’m open to some PvP.

  2. Anytime from 1700-0200 CST

  3. PSN is Albee357 and Bungie is WrongGear

  1. PvE, Story, and exploring mostly (definitly will be playing PvP eventuially)
  2. morning & afternoon Friday- Monday / Tuesday & Thursday 9:00 till 4:00 then back on at 7:30 and wednesday on at 11:00 till aboput 10:00-11
  3. TinyKite on everything
  1. I will be trying for everything I can. I would like to get into raids at some point but it depends a lot on how much time they will take. Definitely a lot of competitive multiplayer.
  2. From 9-9 to 9-14 it will be as much as I can possibly play. Probably noon to midnight PDT. After that probably 6-10 or midnightish depending on how I am feeling and what needs to be done.
    3 PSN: ableslyfox zacharyhia