How did it all go so wrong?!


I remember a simpler time, when everyone thought @Vocino was an AI and I was leading the resistance and awareness movement against his Skynet-esque ways; how did it all go so wrong?!


if you keep asking questions, we’re going to have to reset you


You are too responsive and too friendly. Things only AI are programmed to do. In today’s internet age, I expect a real human to disregard all questions sent their way and when they respond defer to using vulgar, incomprehensible language.

Sounds like your code needs some updating.


/auth selfdistruct

Did it work?



I need a dislike button D:
(it wouldn’t let me post that in all caps Q_Q)


Playing with an AI, the next thing you know…


All your @Auth are belong to us. You have no chance to survive make your time.


I thought you were a bot when I first saw you :x


:laughing: this is hilarious. how dare you guys treat my fellow duck brethren like a robot. DUCKS HAVE FEELINGS TOO



omg, thats my new avatar