How did your Strats life start?


I am a developer so naturally I am bored at work so I got to thinking that I don’t know how most of you came to Strats. I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread explaining your story on how you became a better human being through Strats rebirth.

I never played many multiplayer games but I was really excited about Elder Scrolls online and wanted to be a part of a large guild so I joined the Reddit ESO guild. I hung out and chatted/planned during beta and pre release and eventually became an officer for the guild. After release we started using mumble and there were only a small group of players from the Reddit guild who used mumble. Some of those players included myself, some guys named @tommy2118, @Majordomo, @DracoIsmenium, @GuardianX, @senNish among others that I can’t remember right now and one of my fellow Reddit guild officers a guy you may have heard of… @Vocino.
Problems had started to arise in the Reddit guild like anything involving Reddit usually does and the mumble portion of the guild started feeling like it’s own community. Then one day we were running around Cyrodiil doing PVP stuff and @Vocino mentioned he was trying to get this secondary guild called Strategy & Company started and he needed more charter signers so I was in. I thought at the time it was just a trading guild.
Eventually things fell apart for the Reddit guild. @Vocino got into it with snowmann, @DracoIsmenium was stealing from the guild bank ;), @senNish was being @senNish :wink: and the decision was made to officially make the switch. We stayed as an ESO guild for a while and then started to branch off to other games.
We decided we wanted a non toxic environment free from all of the immaturity and trolling of Reddit and that is what we have become today.

##What’s your story?


I was there with the ESO Reddit guild. Nice edit. :stuck_out_tongue:


I joined shortly after Strats became it’s own guild in ESO. Played Wildstar with some really good people and have been here ever since. :smile:


Wildstar spawned some quality Strategists. I could be wrong but I believe Wildstar spawned the great @Auth himself!


IIRC @Vocino contacted me via twitter.


Yes you are correct!! Wildstar created the legendary @Auth


Last December I got tired of soloing in Destiny, and I saw @Dynamible’s reddit recruitment thread on /r/fireteams. It’s all good times since.


@auth told me about extra life last year so I joined and donated. I had just gotten Destiny so played with strats some back then, then I sold Destiny back because I could still get $35 at Gamestop :slight_smile: Just recently started back up with strats to play ARK with people who weren’t senseless killers

Edit: I just wanted to add something, I recently (6 months ago) quit my day job, moved back to my home town and started college back up. I’ve been on strats mostly because all my old friends don’t live in Tyler anymore and this community has been great. I’m just glad there is a chill place I can go talk to others about games a other junk even if it isn’t in person. Thanks everyone :smile:


I was brought in by @Auth to join the Wildstar guild.


Okay so I have kind of always played video games off and on since I can remember. Dad and I used to play N64 together when I was a kid. He always wanted a boy, and I’m an only child, so aside from shooting guns and smoking cigars, video games was one of the few things we did together. We played DOOM, Command and Conquer, everything. When I turned 13, we got an xbox 360 for Christmas and that kind of changed everything for me. I gamed for literally 10 hours a day with my friends after school playing Halo 3 and Gears of War.

After xbox 360 caught the red ring of death, that was it for gaming for a while. I graduated high school while dating this guy. He had been really invested in WoW and put on a lot of weight. When we got together, he lost 150 pounds after quitting WoW, and promptly blamed video gaming on his incredible weight gain and all that good stuff. So after condemning vidya for a while, he spent 1500 on a brand new rig: triple monitors, mechanical keyboard, the works. (Bastard still has my Tritton headset :angry:) I was in awe of it. I told him I would save up and build my own so we could game together, but he immediately said no. Video games weren’t a feminine thing to do. He was worried I’d be talking to many guys.

After we split up, I immediately bought a PS3, Skyrim, every Assassin’s Creed game, Fallout, and Destiny. :slight_smile:

Welllll last school year I decided to finally get into ESO now that it was free to play. I’m a die hard Elder Scrolls Fan and found the ESO beta to be, well, disappointing. So rather than sink 60 bucks into the game plus an additional 15 a month, I just continued playing destiny on my PS3.

Fast forward a few weeks into my ESO game: I started to get really bored. Like… really. So I posted on reddit looking to join a guild. Lo and behold, @Auth messaged me and I decided to check out Strats. I’ve been plaguing you all ever since.

Fell in love with the weekly meetings, started playing everything: Albion Online, ARK, Savage Lands, Guild Wars, Minecraft, etc. Sunk a ton of money into building my own gaming computer. Strats is like my second family. I tell stories about you guys to Ben and my roommates, and Ben is completely accepting that my best friends are people I’ve never actually met. It’s an amazing feeling.


Firstly, I’m going to say I was super-confused when I got on the forums this afternoon and had 20+ notifications until I found this thread.

It’s raining in Houston.

Shut up :cry:

As a few have recounted, I did indeed join Strats about halfway through the WildStar open beta last year after reading a reddit recruitment post by @Vocino in r/WSGuilds. I was looking to scratch the MMO itch, the game seemed like a great option, and Strats seemed like it would be a cool guild. Within days of signing up, I realized this community had the potential to be everything I wanted from a previous gaming community I’d been loosely-associated with; 11 days after joining I was already on reddit trying to get Strats some recognition (I honestly had no idea it was so soon after joining until I went back and checked my post history); that was even before I made my Strats reddit account (I TOLD YOU IT WOULD WORK, @Vocino! ;)), which is what most people who have encountered me on reddit know me as.

Since then, this place has been amazing, you Strategists have been wonderful, @tommy2118’s been :beard:, and @Vocino’s been an AI; here’s to many more years of awesomeness :wink:


Yeah @Auth jumped in with a ridiculous amount of recruiting. Way more time than I had available.


I was playing ESO with Reddithium and I was one of the few that joined mumble from time to time. I logged on one day and saw that they were starting a new guild Strategy and Company. I joined that and played with them a few times. I played Planetside 2 with a group of people one day then I disappeared. I came back when Destiny was starting after getting fed up with joining different clans pre-beta, so I came back to Strats and saw no one had started one. I hijacked it and got it started and the rest is history.


Tyler, Texas? If so, I’m sorry.


I stole nothing, it was a totally legal appropriation of goods for the sake of a black horse. Totally worth it.



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Nah, necroing posts is totally fine, @ducksauce88 was just remarking about the necro. Also, welcome back @DracoIsmenium :wink:


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