How do I join the group for streaming


I’m kinda new to streaming and I’m 14. when I did my first stream I was 12 and I always wanted to stream full time but I have school but now I kinda turned into a night owl and if I sleep the night I wake up in the day and the next night I can’t get to sleep. so I became a night owl and now want to stream every time I can’t sleep and I wanted to know how I join the stream group :smile:


This should help


Good luck with streaming! It’s fun stuff, but make sure not to let it distract you too much from your studies. A healthy mind is important to building a healthy community :wink::+1:


Like @ChronoCalibre said, don’t let it distract you from school and make sure to get enough sleep :wink: I wish you the best of luck with streaming :smiley: