How do I make my Twitter feed useful again?


I asked this to my Facebook friends and followers but no one is awake yet (or they don’t know). Wondering if you all have some insights.

I’ve dialed in my Facebook feed by using Family, Close Friends, and Acquaintances categorization along with giving as much signal to the machine as possible using “I don’t want to see this” etc.

With a truer reverse-chronological feed on Twitter (apart from the “while you were away” section) tools like the above don’t work.

Anyone have a good strategy for Twitter?


What are you looking to use Twitter for? While I don’t consider my use a strategy, I prefer to use Twitter to keep tabs on the world around me (sports, news, etc.) and as a “global instant messenger” - I typically follow those who I find I converse with regularly.


I use my Twitter to follow video game developers, games, and a couple of streamers.