How do I setup twitch streaming?


I have no clue what software I need. Any assistance would rock.


I use Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) it has a lot of features and it is free.

Here is a link to a quick start guide for OBS.

Edit: if you have a NVIDIA video card you can also use their integrated software called ShadowPlay. You can find it in the NVIDIA GeForce Experience - See screenshot:


if you catch me on mumble, i can walk you through it. been wanting to do a quick tutorial video or post, but i’ve been lazy lately. actually, been really busy with real life stuff, so the opposite of lazy i guess, but you know what i mean.

should only take about 5-10 minutes to walk through it with you and get you up and running. if you want to get fancy with crazy overlays and graphics, that’s a whole other thing.


My Gforce experience doesnt even list Wildstar in my games list so im confused as to how to do it.


It doesn’t need to be listed there—that’s only for optimizing the game’s config files to tune it for your system (e.g. anti-aliasing).

If you enable ShadowPlay in the settings, you should be able to stream/record/shadow-record WildStar. Not all games are supported though.

Note that you can also use the same connection in OBS if you have an NVIDIA card.


awesome info Vocino…thanks!