How do you get on to the Strats Twitch Tv list?


Saw a lot of cool content on the actuall #teamstrats page, and I was wondering if there was certain things you have to do to get featured on the page.


I’m not sure what you mean by the actual team Strats page.

Are you talking about the archives of streams on twitch? Those are automatic by twitch based on priority. Strats partners will be moved up but we haven’t reordered the list yet.

Or are you talking about Featured videos on YouTube? If so, those are manually updated by @tommy2118


no talking about the actual team strats page, i haven’t gotten on yet, which i find werid, but good to know thanks.


Toss your information here :wink:


thanks auth, sorry i ask so many questions on the forums guys, i’m interesting in a lot of things