How do you tell someone's age?


Let’s think…

Here are mine:

  • Does TF2 mean Titanfall 2 or Team Fortress 2?
  • Does MW2 mean Modern Warfare 2 or MechWarrior 2?



TF2 will always be Team Fortress 2. Anyone who thinks otherwise is simply wrong.



But the kids!





Just like D2 will always be DIablo 2 and not Destiny 2 and BF2 will always be Battlefield 2 not the new Battlefront 2 or old Battlefront 2.



SC is StarCraft, not Star Citizen.

Also, do they know the difference between MUDing and mudding?



well its very meticulous, after casing the said persons place for weeks to learn their sleep schedule, i finally get the courage to don the black ninja gear and my .22 auto pistol and break into the joint. i find their wallet and i search for their ID thats when i learn their age. if said mark wakes up well that’s unfortunate.

anyways, TF2 is of course team fortress,

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TF2 is Team Fortress, and MW2 is Modern Warfare 2… although Mechwarrior 2 was the shit… just never referred to it as MW2.

Along those lines though, DOD is Day of Defeat, CS will forever be Counter-Strike 1.6, D2 is Diablo 2, SC will always be StarCraft, and UT will always be some variant of Unreal Tournament. I know BF2 was mentioned above, and similar to that one, BC2 will be Bad Company 2

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MW will always be Mechwarrior to me…

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MW is love MW is life.
i played the crap outta MW2 on a shitty dell i was given back in the day

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mw3 on msn Zone… lag shooting was a skill…

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I’ve actually been trying to not be concientious of age regarding other players. I was watching a stream yesterday of a swell young man streaming Fortnite. He was witty, well informed of the game, and entertaining as a streamer. And I will swallow a pickle if that boy was out of middle school. I was flipping out at first, mind blown, wondering about the moralities legalities of ten year olds playing Fortnite, a violent game with guns. Eventually I decided that, at least in this case, this small child may be young, but he was a good gamer. The amount of time and effort he spent learning Fortnite made him just as valid as an adult. Maybe it was a much larger fraction of his total lifetime, sure, but I realized we invested for the same experience. It clicked that I had no right to ask him how old he was. It doesn’t matter. He’s old enough to game thoughtfully and skillfully, so I guess trying to tell his age was pointless.



My 6-year-old plays Fortnite.

He’s a helpful lad who will share guns and bandages with you and risk his life to get you up when you are downed.



The world needs heroes like him.



Awesome abbreviations thread, I’m writing these down, thank you guys. :smiley:

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