How far are you?



So I was thinking I’ve seen people posting alot lately and it’s awesome you guys are asking questions and that we have people to answer them. I just wanted to see how far along everyone is, what level/class you are and what’s your favorite mission/area so far.


I’m sad to say I haven’t been able to play much of the single player campaign. It’s on my list!


Should definitely get on it! It’s time consuming but really an amazing storyline.


So as most of you know I completed the campaign on Normal and am now running it through on Nightmare. I’m a level 10 mage and I have to say my favorite quest is the Templar/Mage quests. Whichever one you choose it is an amazingly put together mission and alot of fun. Favorite place is the Hinterlands just because there is so much to do there.


I just finished the mage/templar quest although I did not really see an ability to go with the mages or choose. I thought there would be a moment where the game would say “if you choose this you will no longer be able to go with the mages” and honestly I think the templars are a bunch of douche nozzles but I am stuck with them now so…

My favorite area so far has been the storm coast. I thought it was a really well done area. I spent a few minutes many different times climbing onto rocks to watch the seas.

I am currently level 9


I am currently level 17 on “What Pride Had Wrought” the third to last story mission. I think Crestwood may be my favorite zone. When I arrived it was really rainy and dark, through story progression in the zone I drained a huge lake, stopped the rain, captured a giant keep and cleared almost the entire zone of bandits. Now the zone is sunny and bright, totally different from when I first started there. I am really impressed with the areas that change as you do quests, making them actually feel like they matter.

I also love capturing keeps. They are like mini-instances with a lot of rewards, the coolest one was in the Western Approach.


I am level 6 2H human warrior. My favorite zone so far is the hinterlands because of the quantity of things to do. I am currently working on getting enough power to do the Mage/Templar quests and running around hunting herbs and metal. I got an insane 2h weapon schematic last night that took my damage from 118 to 182 so I think I should be able to dominate mobs. I can’t wait for dragon fights and doing more exploring in new zones!


I’m a level three mage… Just finished the opening.


[quote=“spredhed, post:5, topic:4178, full:true”]
honestly I think the templars are a bunch of douche nozzles[/quote]

But isn’t that how the authority/establishment is always depicted?


I am at the place… with the stuff?
I think I am level 13 and I haven’t really advanced the story past getting to skyhold - just working on all the extras etc.