How have I never seen these?!



Haven’t gotten to Episode 2 and 3 yet, but the first one was amazing.


I watched about 3 minutes of the first video. Do not agree with what the guy said.

He wants to make everything familiar but I think that was the problem with Episode 7 (A Newer Hope). Maybe they just went to an extreme.

I was displeased with Ep 7 because it felt exactly like Ep 4.


I’d say watch the whole thing and see if you still feel that way; it started kind of lackluster, but he makes some good points, IMO, and I’d have rather watched his movie than the one we actually got :wink:


This is exactly the mission of the film. Success.


Why did I pay to see an updated version of Ep 4?


Cuz you like light sabers, damnit!


I’m assuming for the same reason I did: you enjoy Star Wars. The goal of Episode 7 was to restart the franchise though. To be a jumping off point for the next films in the exact same way A New Hope was. The goal wasn’t to make a direct continuation of Episode 6—even though it is technically continuing the story from the same universe.

If 7 was released a year after 6, it would be a different film in the same way 4 then 5 then 6 or 1 then 2 then 3 are.


I would have liked to see these movies. I’ll pretend I saw them instead…


Could not agree with @teh_ninjaneer more. It’s just a big slap in the face to people who are actually fans of the franchise, and wanted to see a NEW Star Wars adventure… not the same one that’s been out since 1977 and they’ve probably seen hundreds of times… They could have saved themselves a whole bunch of money by just bringing A New Hope back to theatres.

Instead, they did exactly what they did with The Phantom Menace, Ignore what the fans of the franchise wanted in order to go after a new audience.

Rogue One, on the other hand, was brilliant. THAT should have been the re-boot of the franchise. It wasn’t the same damn story, only with a “Hey! Look! It’s Harrison Ford” bit… It was filling in a new piece of the story for Star Wars fans, AND leads right in to A New Hope. <- there you go… now you have people watching A New Hope without having to make the abomination that was The Force Awakens.


I thought Rogue One was amazing. The Force Awakens was good though. I’m a biased super fan.


It really was. Did you immediately go home and re-watch A New Hope like I did?


I wanted to. I really did. But… but…

… don’t have it. :frowning:


I watched it before and after :slight_smile: