How I imagine Tommy's basement is coming along


I hope he has not procreated…

facepalm either he’s effing with her, or really needs a contractor.

I must do this. Seriously. I mean, how absolutely funny would that be? The amount of lulz I would get…that is, until the house burns down from electrical failure -_-

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I was waiting for him to get electrocuted or the house to catch fire. I’ve been on the internet too long.

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The wiring in my parents house was so bad when we moved in that my dad had to hire an electrician to try and fix it. My dad is pretty good with this sort of thing so him admitting he couldn’t figure it out was a pretty big deal. The electrician quit after a week.

This guy failed to understand the concept of 3 way switches. A or B …

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It’s redstone all over again! Just slap an XOR gate in there already :wink:


It ain’t Liveleak so you’re generally okay, lol.

The truth in that statement is profound