How I learned to love the aimbot and simultaneously hate multiplayer PC gaming


I used to absolutely despise playing a first-person shooter with a controller—partly because I was terrible at it. I had grown up playing Doom and later Quake on the PC.

In my Quake days, I was working at a local cyber cafe (remember those?) and we would have tournaments for which I was the grand champion shit talker that schooled everyone. This history started my love affair with PC gaming (well, that and Command & Conquer, Age of Empires, etc). For many years I denied consoles and laughed at their gamers. How can you play on a sluggish controller like that? It just feels horrible.

In those days (I was probably around 16 or 17), I ran a popular IRC channel on EFnet for trading scripts. At some point, we started getting a lot of aimbots as PC gaming started to take off with the hype of more multiplayer gaming. DSL connections were rolling out and people started to be able to play from home instead of having to come to cafes and LAN parties.

I started running aimbots. I traded, scripted my own, and tested a ton. I dominated online gaming. There was no Punkbuster, no security. Games depended on local cache since internet speeds were still low. This meant you could do almost anything. It’s incredibly addictive, interesting, and fun. All that talk about “skill” being more fun is nonsense. It’s just different. Aimbot enthusiasts are into the art and science of building tools to win, not play any particular game.

Fast forward to today.

If I want to play a multiplayer shooter, I play it on a console. Why? Because online PC shooters just aren’t fun anymore. While security and counter measures are a bit more complex, they don’t stand a chance.

The attention span of your average gamer to play one game is shorter than the time it takes to get banned from most game servers.

Right now, one of the games I really enjoy is getting lambasted by PC gamers: Star Wars Battlefront. Their claim is that EA is doing nothing to combat aimbotting and the game is no fun when a significant amount of people are easily hitting every shot.

They’re absolutely right. That sounds like no fun.

However, EA can’t do anything. The only way to prevent aimbotting is to control the hardware and the software of the platform the game is running on. EA has no ability, and no right, to check the processes running on your Windows PC. They tried that, remember? Origin was destroyed in the press because of it.

What you’re left with is the realization that if you want to play multiplayer PC shooters, you will need to be ok with aimbots. You’ll need to play on private servers and lock everything down to friends that you know and trust.

You need to be ok with the fact that aimbots are not something that is traded in shady IRC channels and on insider FTP sites or usenet groups anymore. They’re marketed and sold to average gamers out in the open. They’re downloaded by anyone and everyone and used until the person gets banned, maybe, eventually. Or, more likely, until they get bored of that game and move on to the next one.

As for me, I’ll be on my PS4 slugging through 180 turns with a controller.

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You speak the truth. I never used an aimbot myself but I’m sure I’ve had a few hundred or thousand used against me.

Games look nice on the PC. I keep buying those nifty Nvidia cards for the PhysX (when supported, thanks Borderlands). But since console gaming has advanced I have discovered that I would rather play my shooters with a gamepad. At least there when I get dominated I feel certain it’s because that guy was just better than me.

For the past few months my PC has only been used to play MOBAs and ARPGs.


You bring up a really interesting point about aim bots. They used to be made, tested, and used by individuals. That must have been such a fun time trying to program a new way to make you kill your friends. I think we sometimes loss sight of the new voyage gaming can be. We now see it a huge consumer industry, even with aim bots. The reason we hate them now is because they take no skill and make games impossible to play. It seems so much more innocent when you sat around with your friends and designed them yourselves.


To you point about console gaming being sluggish, I use these and they have a dramatic improvement when it comes to aiming on comsole:


@ducksauce88, I’ve been thinking about getting one of those custom PS4 controllers. Short throw triggers, etc. I think @Dynamible has one, can’t remember where he got it.


@Vocino I can’t game without them.


I had some. I really couldn’t stand them. Just my 2 cents.


I have 4 of the customs…3 battle beavers and 1 Cinch gaming and I can’t imagine going back to a standard controller. With smart trigger stops and increased tension on the joysticks to the custom mappable rear buttons and removed rumble packs they are feather light and incredibly responsive. Battle Beavers edge the Cinch in my opinion due to the smart, analog triggers. BUT they are really only good for fps or 3ps as the triggers are either off or on because they are analog. You can order them anyway you want them setup so if you don’t want the analog triggers you can choose not to get them. Going from playing Destiny or battlefront with the customs back to a standard controller is difficult due to the weight issue. I wish I would have gotten 1 without smart triggers for playing other type of games though.

The Cinch gaming controller has adjustable trigger stops that just use a screw to limit the throw of the trigger but I have found the adjustment of them to be sub par at best. If you have the money for them I say go for it…I think you would like them.



Use an inferior tool to spite them, let the irony flow through you!


I’m glad I got into the habit, at a very young age, of playing shooters on console and everything else on PC. Namely Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal online & Socom 3 Online. Two games that if they were to be tainted by hackers on PC, would have hands down change my whole life. Fucking loved those two game on Ps2.


I think Battlefront is taking more heat from the PC community than previous Battlefield titles in regards to the Aimbot situation because the community feels powerless to do anything about it.

Within the Battlefield community many server operators pride themselves on having active admin teams that can investigate using spectator mode, third party stat tools and the like to see if someone on their server seems fishy and use their best judgement to take appropriate action. Depending on the server some get this right, many get this wrong (either they’re too lenient or they allow their personal bias to ban users who may be better than them but are not cheating).

When EA made the decision to move Battlefront to self hosting it took this self governing option away from PC players, which made the situation worse. Even the most blatant cheaters run rampant because there’s no active admin to provide a limited degree of accountability.


So you consider custom controller == aimbot? Or, not sure what this means.

I agree. As I mentioned, really the only way to deal with it on PC as a player is to only play with people you trust in closed servers. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible in a lot of titles and it seems like the industry is moving away from the self-hosted server now that infrastructure costs are so low.


Thanks for the refreshing post :). I feel like all I see is introductions now.


@Dynamible how long did you use them? I hated it for the first couple days but I stuck with them and my fps improved. I was always under 1.0 kd in most games I would play, but now I range from 1.2-1.3 depending on the game.


I used for like a week in Destiny.


Aimbots have completely ruined Star Wars Battlefront for anyone not using one. One or two guys per side get almost all the kills, and the rest are gimped to useless. No private servers, no single player campaign, no LAN gaming with a handful of friends versus bots, no space combat, limited heroes. Visually it is the best Star Wars game out there, but the gameplay is far inferior to Battlefront II.


…on the PC.


You sound salty about something, could I recommend a nice:

or perhaps


Blizzard is taking a hard line against cheating in Overatch.


I found that post to be so funny, “I don’t play FPS’ on PC because of hackers and cheaters. Oh, i also hacked and cheated a ton in the past!”