How I view Strats and Crew

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Holy hell you made that fast. Love it

Who’s who? That’s the question.

  • Mr. White @tommy2118
  • Mr. Orange
  • Mr. Pink
  • Nice Guy Eddie
  • Joe Cabot
  • Mr. Blue
  • Mr. Brown

4k/1080p wallpaper please :wink:

Did Mr. Blonde already get taken? That was one of my all time favorite scenes

Pop culture crime incoming: I’ve never watch Reservoir Dogs; who am I?

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I’ve… Never… Seen… (Braces for the shit storm)

Required viewing before GTA V drops.

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Sadly doable; I think I own it and it’s on Netflix IIRC

Go forth my children!

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Welp, guess I know what I’m doing Friday night now :wink:

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I’m watching it on the bus right now.

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I’ll do that Friday. I have off. Long story post about it later.


I’m in deep now… listening to the Reservoir Dogs soundtrack.

Sorry @Nubhugs there were no female speaking roles in the film…

Edit: This is my last @Nubhugs = Bitch joke of the night.



So jealous there is no Destiny Strats wallpaper. (Contemplates bribing offer)

Saving the best ones for launch day? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m on it.


Oh shit, just thought of another awesome crew movie for inspiration!