How long does it take to reach the level cap?



About how long would it take someone starting today to reach the level cap? I’m wondering, with new tools, resources, and strategies available since the game launched, if the leveling process is easier or faster.


With no previous experience with the game and the zones it would still take some time. My first character to 50, if i remember correctly, took 6 days of playing to get to 50. I could do that much faster with alts now that i know where all the quest are and what to do with each of them. I’d say it is probably easier than at first launch but i can’t say by how much. Still think that questing is the fastest way to level and if you plan to do any PvE raids the reputation gained is a huge deal.


it really depends on what your goal is, if your goal is to hit 50 in as short a time as possible there are ways to go about it I assume.

I never tried any of them, fair warning…


That’s my goal. My goal is to be able to participate in cool kid end-game stuff without having to dedicate time that I don’t have to leveling.


Any amount of time you spend leveling (people in the guild have pulled it off pretty fast) could be nothing compared to how long it could take you to get into end-game gear and raid attuned :wink: Some of us still don’t have best-in-slot for raiding (though most of us have at least a recommended alternate option) and none of us are completely done with attunement.

Ask @Klutch how he went about leveling, I think he’s got some of the fastest leveling times and has done it more than once already.




@Vocino I’ll level your account for you no joke. I did my last 50 in 1 day and 22 hours played.


How much?




That’s very tempting.


I would throw some Credd his way and call it good. :smile: