How many people are interested in ArcheAge?



I’d like to get a sense of who’s interested in checking out this free-to-play game during the next beta.


When does the next beta run from/to?


i will be testing it if i get a key


HYPE! Need to be a pirate! So yeah i am going to be there.


I’m down for shiz!


I got a code for CB3 that starts tomorrow. Will be checking it out for sure. My main game atm is Destiny, but I cant play that at work so im looking for another pc game to fill my Destiny downtime.


This game looks awesome i already have a friend playing it and i cant wait but hope i get a beta key from the even to play with my bud !


I just need to pillage as the saltiest dog on ye seven seas!


I wanna try this game soooo bad >_<


i I am very interested in this game I need to play and download it


i am


Im really intrested in this fantastic looking MMORPG


i am


Defenetly interested in it, a lot of people are saying its good so wanted to try it for myself, just need to get the key :stuck_out_tongue: Hope with all the praise its getting it will rekindle my intrest in mmo’s as those of late did not grab me for a long time


Hope the payment model isn’t too harsh. Would have liked it better for a one-time fee rather than timely subscription for the premium.
Still interested though.


Yea, for me that’s also a small point of “fear” as it would kinda ruin the “play the game the way you like it” way of thinking as it would more or less make you play as much as possible to make good on your money :expressionless:


Are you putting together a group/guild? I’d be more than happy to group up. I have two friends that may play with me as well. PM me if you have something running.

Are you NA?


Yeah, we’re playing on the Salphira realm (NA). I don’t think there’s an in-game guild yet but it will probably be started by @majordomo.


I am super excited to play.


Thats awesome. Make sure you let us know what the name is and/or how to apply