How serious is the GW2 guild?



Hey just found this guild on r/guild recruitment and was just wondering how serious it is? I’m a uni student so won’t be on to often (mostly weekends) plus i’m from Australia so the time difference. These have forced me to leave multiple guilds as i was unable to meet the standards they were looking for. I was just wondering if this would be a problem here?


I dont think we even have standards activity wise do we ? @senNish

We are quite a well mixed bunch and all of them are nice people, while we have some very active players like @Diacuss thers no requirement to to engage in guild missions or the like and you wont be kicked for something like that. It would be awsome if ya could join of course, but seeing that I am from europe I havethe same problems you have with timezones :wink:


We don’t have any guild stipulations like that; most folks here in Strats have real life responsibilities and we’re all about the concept of “real life comes first.” We like to have folks playing as much as possible, but we dig that it’s not always practical and there exists a world outside of this community that we must (sometimes reluctantly) participate in. Don’t fret about getting kicked for only playing when you have time to :wink:

We’ve got a few Aussies/Kiwis along with folks from across the pond like @Kellock93 (nevermind a handful of insomniacs) so you probably won’t be completely want for folks to play with on the weekends.


We have no requirement for activity. We would to have every one show up for guild events to help build and further the guild and the players in it, but we understand people cant make it or the time for them is not a good time for them. Mostly we are a group of people that like to play with each other whenever we can.

We will be starting a raid team when it comes out that will be pushing that content and there are even talks about creating a sPvP team which will be a bit more serious but we will still do both of these casually also. If you’re interested we would love to have you.