How to Albion - Kell's Guide to survive Day 0



Hello there,

my name is Kellock93 and this is a little guide to prepare all of our new Albion Online players for the battlefield also known as Launch.

Like in every other game being first is the key to success in the early game stages. In Albion this is especially meaningful because up to T4 your main focus will be gathering and crafting materials. But so will everyone else and that means your main priority will be to amass as many resources as possible so you can move to higher Tier resources and gear as fast as possible.

In short, this guide shows you how to be most efficient at the start so you can avoid being delayed by the lack of materials that allow you to progress. It also serves as intro for people that never played the game, at least to a certain degree.

Please keep in mind, this is a strategy guide, it will cover some basics but won’t explain ingame mechanics in depth.

Now then, let’s begin :

  1. As Legendary/ Epic founder redeem your horse and gear and equip them
  2. Gather 22 Rough Wood, 18 Rough Stone and 8 Rabbit Hide (+10 Rabbit Hide if you are a Veteran Founder)
  3. Follow the starter quest to unlock the destiny board and craft yourself a full set of T1 weapons and tools (Without Stonehammer) (+ armour if you are a Veteran Founder)
  4. Move to the Starter Camp
  5. Continue with Guide 2 (to be added)

Here the complete explanation for the starter Quest with pictures to show the different resources:

Quest 1: Gather 3 Rough Logs

You can gather Rough logs from bushes and regular Trees.

Quest 2: Gather 3 Rough Stone

Ehhh … well stone …

Quest 3: Craft 1 Skinning Knife

Head to the friendly smith in the middle of the starter map and click one of the anvils.

Then choose Tools and select the Skinning Knife, then hit “Craft”. Easy right ?

Quest 4: Kill 1 Rabbit

Poor little fellow, just hit them with anything

Quest 5: Gather 8 Rabbit Hide

He’s just playing dead I swear … anyway just right click the cor … I mean unconscious rabbit …

Quest 6: Craft 1 Beginner Mercenary Jacket

Back to Mr. Smith, this time you can choose a additional effect for your armour by clicking the “?” (This might not be true for the next Beta, it is also possible that you only can choose them afterwards). Make also sure you click on the Saw and Hammer symbol so it’s no longer highlighted, or you will loose important crafting focus.

If it looks like this you can hit “Craft”.

Quest 7: Craft 1 Beginner Broadsword

Quest 8: Craft 1 Beginner Pickaxe

Quest 9:Congrats you unlocked the Destiny Board and can progress to T2

PS: Sorry for all the bad puns.


One comment about this. With the changes coming in this new build, you no longer have to apply specific spells/abilities to each piece of gear at the time you craft it. You can change your spells at any time.

No longer will you need specific PvP or PvE gear.


Argh I totally forgot about that, thanks for the reminder.


This is awesome. Sharing it everywhere.


Oh sweet … but before you do … ehh could you look through it and see if you find any typos ? XD
English is not my native language after all ^^