How to be a BOSS in Planetside 2

The Basics

First things first concentrate on becoming a better player by learning the basics of the gameplay shown in the video below, and becoming proficient. When playing planetside 2 more than any other shooter you need to work, and communicate with your teammates. When going to battle make sure you have other players supporting you, or regardless of your skill you will lose.


After, you have become decent at PS2 you need to make a strategy for what certifications you want to go for. When you first start the engineer and combat medic provide a steady stream of certs used to purchase certifications. Upgrading the medic health gun early on will make you super effective at collecting certs.

Combat Medic
A combat medic has a high cert earning potential that only gets better the more certifications you invest in him. When playing a combat medic constantly heal/revive allies, and place shielding.

Engineers have the second highest cert earning potential, however it can be higher when there are a lot of allied vehicles and you have a well placed ammo resupply.

Heavy Assault
Heavy Assaults can have a high earning potential if the enemy has a lot of armor, and you’re good at killing them.

Everything Else
Every class have ways of earning certs, and depending on the situation and how good you are with that class you can earn more. In general situations the combat medic should net you the most certs, unless there are no allies.

Exact XP gain

I’m not counting Maxes, because they are unavailable at times, but they also can have very high cert earnings.

Becoming a Leader

Now that your a pro at the game and have many certifications unlocked you should consider helping your team, empire, and friends by squad/platoon leading.

Things you NEED to do when squad leading:

  1. Communicate with your squadmates and platoon leader.
  2. Place waypoints to squad objectives.
  3. Make sure your squad is open for recruitment.

Everything else you will pick up from watching the video below, and learning from experience.

Thanks for reading, and soon you will be a BOSS.


Great write up! Thanks for posting.

Thank you Zont this is a very nice write up! Great touch with the videos, especially the “How to Platoon Lead”.

Well said.

Thank you guys I really appreciate it.

This was a great read. Thanks for posting it. The more I learn before I play on PS4 the better

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