How to Become a Member of GTA V Crew - Strats and Crew



First, you must be a member of the Strats Community to join Strats and Crew. We have to be sure you’re not working with the FEDs or something…you’re not wearing a wire are you?

You can find the details about joining right here.

OK, you’re a member of Strats, next step. Navigate to the Social Club on Rockstar Games. You will see a Orange “JOIN THE CLUB” button. Go ahead and press it, it will be OK.

Here is a point where you have to make a choice. You can register via Twitter, Facebook or you can do it the old fashioned way with your email address. Note: For simplicity you might consider making your nickname the same as your Strats name.

Once you have made your profile you need to select the platform “GTA V”.

Select your avatar here.

Confirm your selection.

You will be returned to a page that looks similar to this, press the “REQUEST INVITE”. (You are almost done :smile:)

Great job! Last step. Click this link and follow the steps to add your info to the Wiki.

Awesome, I’ll see you in game!

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So good! Thanks for the in-depth how-to.



Just a reminder. I will not (nor will anyone else) accept your request on the Social Club until I see your name on the roster here. This will help ensure that everyone in “Strats and Crew” is a member of the forums.


Should we update this with our cool new emblem?

Hi Im Cody ( Djgraph404 PSN, Hakb404 Xbx)

Great catch. I’ll be on in about an hour and I’ll hook it up. Done!

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hi guys… looking forward to playing with everyone