How to fix a pixeled stream?



ive been streaming for awhile now and been playing around with some settings on my preview on twitch it looks pixelated. does anyone know the fix or is it just that box?


There are a lot of factors that could be contributing to this. One thing to understand is your bitrate and resolution are probably largely to do with it and more often than not there is a certain degree of pixelation in all streams from non-partnered Twitch accounts (resulting from the restrictions on our bandwidth, server location, etc.). I’d recommend taking a look at this blog post and checking your settings against it; without more information about what you’re attempting to stream at, it’s very hard to diagnose the problem further :wink:


My guess would be that your bitrate is not set high enough to support the resolution you’re streaming at.


Pretty much what @Auth and @Mohomohommad said. I doubt it’s an issue with your encoder unless it’s just slightly pixelated (e.g. you’re not using x264 or something). Probably a bitrate issue.


What bit rate should I use for 1080p 60fps?


Honestly, you can’t and shouldn’t; unless you’re a Twitch partner, it will always look bad because you need more upload speed than they let you use as a regular streamer. The best quality you can reasonably achieve (in my opinion, following extensive testing) is 720p60 at 3000kb/s using h.264 encoding and the Lanczos filter to downscale your 1080p source video under the Video settings :wink:


Yup, agree with @Auth. Although I have a feeling Twitch will soon be forced to provide transcoding processes for all streams to compete with YouTube.

It’s expensive and right now they’re kind of being greedy about it, honestly.


thanks guys ill try it next stream


The usual bitrate that I get for 1080p streams is around 2600 kb/s. Though as said earlier, I’d aim for the 720p @ 3000-3600 kb/s instead.