How to Get Rich Playing Video Games Online

This article is a great read. I would love to hear your opinions.


This was a really great read. Thanks for sharing. I have been meaning to write a full reply and I will. Just a hectic week during my normal forum posting time :slight_smile:

I want to read this but I bet the steps are 1. Be attractive, 2. Don’t be unattractive.

The headline is clickbaity. It’s more about the agency business behind professional streamers and how shitty the work actually is. It’s analogous to an agent booking modeling talent. The agent is making money from the entire pool. The kids make some money but lose significant work/life balance. There are unicorns who command 7 figure gross income but for the most part it’s commodity movement through the market.

Hey @Vocino - I know you’ve tossed around the idea of a supporting an eSports team… ever given thought to streamer representation?

I have a close friend who was a Hollywood agent for many years. His war stories have turned me off of it. Representing talent is a numbers game that you need almost sociopathic anti-empathy to master. I just don’t have to stomach for that.

Gotcha. It was just something that came to mind when I was giving it a read.

It beats 18 hour days sitting in a chair streaming gameplay. :slight_smile:

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