How to grind levels



Level grinding isn’t for everyone. Many people don’t have the patience for it or it isn’t worth it for them, I have no problem with that, but for certain people who don’t mind it/enjoy it it is by far the fastest way to level IF YOU DO IT RIGHT. I am currently achieving around 65-70k xp per hour at the level 30 area.

Below I will post a little guide, put together by myself and members of a smaller guild I’m in.

The way to set up your bar is to put as many good magicka based AoE abilities as possible on it(destro staff is good for this I believe, although I’ve been leveling bow). Your stamina based AoE is silver bolts morphed into silver shards, as we aim to grind undead, and all spots but 1 are fighting mainly undead/daedric enemies. The most efficient way to grind is in a group of 3-4 with nobody else there. Getting guildies to go with you is best but it’s also quite effective to invite randoms if you see them grinding in order to get the most tags possible.

Don’t bother repairing gear as it will get unbelievably damaged. Your best option is putting on the greens you loot from your enemies as you go.


1 - 9: Just play normally

9 - 14: Island east of Skywatch with bandits; figure out a circuit and
run around the island. There are lots of 3-packs and a couple chests.

14 - 17: The courtyard within the castle in northern Auridon; lots of 3-packs here.

17 - 23: Head to Grahtwood. There’s a place called the Skeleton Orchard
in western Grahtwood with lots of skeletons around. Run a circuit. If
you’re playing a caster, you’ll find the entire warlock set which has an
unbelievably good 3-piece bonus. Wear this set until at least level 40.
Option B: Ossuary of Telecar. Same circuit and loot as above. XP comparison not verified.

23 - 28: Gil-Var-Del in western Grahtwood. The map icon is a tree stump. Lots of 3-packs.

28 - 37: Okay, this is the money spot. You’ll notice I spent NINE levels
here; that’s how good this spot is. In North Eastern Greenshade there
is a delta where a couple little rivers meet, just East of a wayshrine.
You can run a circuit of the summoners and the undeads they summon.

37 - 44: In southern Reaper’s March, there’s a place called Moonmont
with lots of 3-packs. The most optimal circuit I could figure out had me
clearing the top of Moonmont and only jumping down to get a 3-pack by a
Option B: Ogre camp by the werewolf shrine. XP comparison not verified.

44 - 50: This is another GREAT spot. After completing the main
questline, head to Coldhabour. There’s a portal to the Cliffs of Failure
in the northeast that teleports you to a place with lots of 2-packs.
Here you want to multi-pull as many 2-packs as you can - there’s one
spot where I could pull four 2-packs simultaneously with little

I wouldn’t advise spreading this to all of reddithium/the public as the spots will get over farmed if it’s too well known.


Awesome! Thanks for posting this. Maybe we can add screenshots or something too. Also it’s worth noting that you can use Markdown to format your posts.


Yup. I’ll try to get screenshots and update this weekend. I’ll keep updating as buffs/nerfs/new content comes in. If anyone finds anything post it here and I’ll add it in!


Nice list here. For 17-23 there is another spot in Grahtwood, called Ossuary of Telecar. You can run the same circuit and receive the same loot.


Yeah I grinded my last 2 level at the Cliffs of Failure, another good place to grind in reapers is the Ogre camp by the Werewolf shrine. I grinded 3 levels there just leveling up my WW


I’ve never been there but I’ll check it out at some point and compare the xp per hour to the original spot posted, thanks


I found a better xpview addon that lets you see how many mobs you have left in your grind. Better for people that do grinding as opposed to leveling.