How to grow Youtube/Twitch Channel?


Hey guys and gals,

I would like to ask all of you if you can help with different ways to grow a channel. My friends and I have began a youtube channel and we would like feedback on our videos. We have tried reaching out to all of our friends and family and stranger but still we do not really receive more than 10 views a video. If you can find the time to watch and maybe provide some feedback it would be greatly appreciated. Hell We would even like to partner up with some people to be mutually beneficial.

Our channel on youtube is:


subscribed, I 've been wanting to see some papers please gameplay anyway :smile:


papers please is a super fun game to play


I’ve been debating getting it… so many games so little moneys


Thanks Guys!


we’ll be sure to get more papers please let’s plays up on the channel.


Note that we have a Let’s Play category.

Regarding YouTube audience lift, it’s all about consistency. Post a new video every single day, without fail. If recorded content (as opposed to streaming) is your thing, record as much as you can when you have time and then spread the releases out over time.

I’m not gonna lie, with the way the YouTube ranking currently works it is a very steep uphill climb to gain any traction if you’re only marketing on the platform itself. You really need to expand outward and capture audience on other platforms (like Let’s Play threads referenced above).


Thanks Vocino. That is very insightful…


I just think of it as a mmo where unless you are really lucky you are going to start of a pleb and have to grind like all hell to catch up.


Take your time and be EXTREMELY patient. It’s not going to come to you like “that” unless a video of your’s goes viral. Also be Consistent have an uploading schedule and you should be good.