How to kick a hornets' nest



Lol. I’ll bite. I’m a mac user and love this. It applies to all the apple hipsters but not us longtime nerds that have been using since the apple II because it has a better system, have had BeOS, Linux and Windows on Apple (or motorola gear back when there where clones).


I love my PCs for desktop gaming and general use.

I love my MacbookPro as it’s sturdy and does what I need. It’s a good on the road machine and has a BASH prompt and FreeBSD-ish OS behind the screen and that means I can do emergency work stuff when I am on vacation. The aluminium chassis is fantastically rugged and the only thing I have done in the last 4 years is to put in the 16GB memory upgrade. (up from 4)

I love my Linux and Unix servers because they let me control everything, sometimes to my own detriment. They keep me humble and learning.


My Macbook is a tank. I’ve had it for about five years now.

I do all my music production, video editing + general net surfing, etc on it.

I save my PC for the occasional dabbling into a graphics program or two.


i’ll agree with that comic for some things. i’m an old school pc guy, but i became a mac user too about 6 years ago. i bought my first iMac (which is still my primary mac). my problem with it is that the heatsink on my video card has failed which basically makes my entire iMac useless. Apple will not replace the part because it is too old of a computer and they keep trying to talk me into buying a new one. That mentality has turned me off from buying Apple computers from now on. In recent years, i’ve build a few “hackintosh” computers and they run fine. they require a little more tinkering, but they are completely upgradeable and much more easily repaired. i’ll be going the “hackintosh” route from now on.

i’m still all in with iphones though. and probably will buy a watch.


Onoes! Everyone is playing for both teams! THE GAME IS RIGGED!


I am not. PC all day, every day.


Don’t get a apple computer make your own.


A hammer is the best tool regardless of the fact that screws exist.